Why White Bread Should Be Avoided


Bread eating concept in breakfast has increased a lot these days. We take out the bread from the fridge, heat it, apply butter, jam, chocolate spread etc. and eat it. The whole process does not seem to be difficult infact, it his very helpful for saving time, it hardly takes even 5 minutes. But it is very important to know which bread should be eaten. We know that the time will is saved, but the damage to your body will increase and it will cause problems.

Reasons that make you gain belly fat

  1. Damages Health

According to doctors, there are many things in White Bread that harms your health. White bread is usually made from wheat flour. It uses several bleaching agents such as potassium bromate, ezodicarbonamite, which can damage our body cells and lead to cancer. Most of the nutrients are destroyed during the processing of bread, fiber is reduced, which reduces digestion process and causes the risk of constipation.

  • It Will Make You Gain Weight
    Studies have shown a correlation between eating large quantities of white bread and gainning weight over a period of 12 years.

2 Contains Too Much Fats

White bread contains fat. If you consistently eat it, then your weight is set to rise. It contains high amounts of carbohydrate, sodium and gluten, which can lead to many diseases in the body. After eating it, blood sugar level and insulin grow rapidly and then falls flatly after a short time, which reduces the energy level in the body. According to doctors, white bread has high level sodium which increases the blood pressure and heart disease.

3 Causes Illness

White bread is made from corn flour. Corn flour sticks in the teeth and intestines, thereby the possibility of having peptic ulcer or liver damage. The bread is high in gluten, which can cause problems like stomach ache, diarrhea. Saturated and Trans fats present in white bread are produced in the body so that the skin can be defective. Well some people like its taste very much. But when it comes to health, white bread does not contain as much nutrition as it is in other breads.

4 Whole Grain Bread is More Beneficial

This bread is made from whole grain bread which contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for keeping our body healthy. There is also more fiber in this through which the digestion is done properly and it also helps to lose weight.

Get Up Early to Stay Fit

5 Calorie Contains

The amount of calories in bread is very high. In a slice of white bread there are 75 calories, in a slice of brown bread there are 73 calories and in a slice of multigrain bread they have 69 calories. Trans fat and sugar are also high in them. This is the reason that more quantity breads harm our body. According to a paper presented at the European Congress on Obesity, those who eat more than 2 slices of white bread per day increase the risk of obesity up to 40%. According to another research, eating more white bread increases the risk of 2 types of diabetes. The effect of bread on our body depends on which and how many breads you eat.