While sitting, Toe-tapping may prevent major disease


If you spend most time in front of the computer or television, don't forget to move your legs every now and then. A new study has claim, Fidgeting while sitting for an extended period of time at a computer or during a long flight can protect the arteries in your legs and potentially help prevent major virus.

While researchers estimated fidgeting to increase blood flow to the lower limbs, they actually found that this would be satisfactory to avoid a refuse in major function. While sitting, participants were asked to fidget one leg irregularly, tapping one foot for one minute and then resting it for four minutes, while the other leg remained still throughout.

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Researchers compared the leg circulate function of 11 healthy young men and women before and after three hours of sitting.

While expectations fidgeting to boost blood flow to the lower limbs, we were quite surprised to find this would be satisfactory to prevent a decline in major function.

While only one leg was exposed to fidgeting during the experiment, in a real-world scenario the researchers recommend tapping both legs to maximize the beneficial effects.

However, researchers concern that fidgeting is not alternate for walking and exercise, which create more overall cardiovascular profit.

The findings were published in the American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

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