Whenever we get time, we follow Rio 2016, says Virat Kohli


New Delhi:  Indian test team skipper Virat Kohli shared his views on the ongoing Rio Olympics games and alleged that, "Whenever we get time, we follow Rio 2016."

 When asked Kohli about his interest for a particular sport, he said, "I like swimming and diving events."

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Talking about his captaincy and practice sessions, Kohli said, "Captaincy is a lot about instinct and gut feel of whole situation and the skill that your bowler has versus the skill batsman possesses. When you want a wicket, you bring the guy on who the batsman is least comfortable facing. This team is always up for changes according to conditions.  We will sit down and talk about combinations post practice. On the other end, you look for control … someone who can put pressure and not give runs away."

 When asked Kohli about Indian team new coach Anil Kumble, he said, "Anil bhai has a very good idea of reading pitches, he is very accurate with that." 

Moreover, the first match was won by India against West Indies. India won the first match by an inning and 92 runs while the second match was a draw. The third match will start on August 9. 

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