When Arjuna saw a dream at night


Once, Arjuna saw a dream at night where a cow was licking his newborn calf with love. While licking, the cow peels the soft skin of calf. Blood starting shredding from the calf’s body and then dropped on the ground because of unconscious. Arjuna suddenly wakes from sleep, and then because of that dream they cannot sleep until dawn.
Arjuna tells the dream to the God in morning. God smiled and says it is a sign of Kaliyuga. In Kaliyuga Mother – Father will love their children so much, they will provide all the features to them, so children will be so addictive with the features and, children may make their own detriment and trapped in various situation that will lose their senses.
As nowadays Most parents easily available mobile, bike, car, clothes, fashion content and money to their children.
Because to these the children are so toxic that they learn lying, hiding, theft, humiliation from their parents. These are a sign of Kaliyuga.