Wheelchair, bike rally Spinal Injuries to raise awareness in Delhi


150 wheelchair-bound individuals, spinal cord injury survivors and afflictions, India Gate on Sunday, a day before the first World Day of spinal cord injury in a first-of-its-kind, participated in the rally.

Rally today on the occasion of World Day of spinal injury is conducted, Union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan, who praised the effort and said the government is taking steps to increase access for people with disabilities to be flagged had gone.

Harsh Vardhan said, “We was driving safely and wear seat belts and helmets flashing warning about advertising and live. But take these as a routine advertising. They severity of spinal cord injuries and pain life and disability they do not need. ”

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Addressing the participants, he said, “Through you, people fight the disease and find the strength to keep your willpower strong. The Prime Minister is personally monitoring all hospitals, government offices, schools, and public places are disability-friendly and accessible by 2019 he asserts India is planning to make the campaign a reality”.

“We know that they know and survivors to rebuild their lives and education, jobs and health services to an able-bodied person is entitled may want to be. The exact level of injury and the right treatment can help in case of any treatment, “he said.

Rally wheelchair-bound individuals, both young and old, assisted by volunteers and center staff saw scores. Cooler summer afternoon under the trees or patches on standby ambulance forced many to retire.

In India, the participating societies include Spinal Cord Society, Association of Spine Surgeons of India, Indian Orthopaedic Association, Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Indian Academy of Neurology, Asian Spinal Cord Network, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre and The Spinal Foundation.

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