Whatsapp will allow their users to send messages with quotes


Popular social messaging app Whatsapp has brought something new for their users.

It has brought a new update for its beta version which will add a new message quote feature.

The update will enable their user to quote somebody’s message at the time of replying.

It will allow its users to send the message which they want to reply to, followed by the reply button. Then they have to tap the button, type in the reply and simply hit send. Once this is done, the message will be sent and the reply will appear in quotes.

This feature will work for both personal chats as well as group chats. Along with this, users can also preview the quoted message inside a box.

A report suggested that Whatsapp will soon bring GIF support for its users.

The GIF support will soon roll out to WhatsApp's Android app as well.  Along with this, the company is also working on rolling out video calling feature in order to take on the likes of Skype.