WhatsApp copied the feature of Snapchat


WhatsApp has introduced stickers used by Twitter and Snapchat.  WhatsApp just updated the application with additional features for chatting and sharing multimedia. The popular messaging service now lets Android users personalize images and videos with text, doodles, and emojis. The update allows you to modify both new and old media, whether it is photos and clips stored on your phone or those taken from the camera whilst in WhatsApp.

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Now, when you select an existing image or take a new one, you’ll see a number of new icons across the top of the screen, all of which allow you to edit the photo — the same goes for videos. Aside from the aforementioned features, you can also change the font and color of the captions.

While both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp both have more than 1 billion monthly active users, far more than Snapchat, Spiegel’s company still poses a kind of existential threat. That’s both because of Snapchat’s growth and the company’s philosophy of sharing rougher; on-the-spot images and videos not designed for posterity — in other words, content that won’t live on in Facebook’s collective memory. In turn, Facebook has been forced to introduce features more popular with younger smartphone owners, even as they go against its more traditional aesthetics. Key among those additions has been doodling, text, and emoji editing tools, which are now a mainstay in pretty much every messaging app available.

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