What Salim Khan Say about Salman Khan’s Marriage?


This has been quite a mystery that when the most popular Superstar of India will get married. Now following the recent speculations about his marriage going round meanwhile father salim khan made surprising remarks about his marriage.

He makes statement about salman’s marriage saying that even god has no idea when his beloved son is going to married. It is quite a surprising remark knowing that it was recent reports about salman is going to get married with the all edged girlfriend Lulia Venture

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Veteran writer Salim Khan is all set to host a radio show soon, but the man is clear about something-no questions on his son Salman Khan’s marriage.
Taking to his Twitter page, Salim wrote, “You may ask me any question except ‘When is Salman getting married’ – even God doesn’t know.” The Sholay writer will host the show titled the 70mm Show, which will air every Saturday and Sunday. Some weeks back, Salman had also said that there’s a lot of pressure on him from women in his family, who are complaining about his ‘bachelor’ status.

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