Kareena turns 36 today, her 10 cliche-destroying pregnancy statements


Kareena Kapoor has for quite some time been respected for her ability and her style. Presently 36, Kareena is as of now six months pregnant with her first child and not just does she resemble a million bucks (more about that later), it’s what she’s said in regards to her pregnancy that is making all the right noises.

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Presently, Kareena says she’s been similar to this generally yet we can’t resist the urge to notice that Ms Khan is letting drop some valuable pearls of shrewdness recently. For her birthday today, we gathered the best of Kareena’s quotes from the previous couple of months:

Pregnancy Not Equal to National Casualty. Word.

#1. “I’m pregnant, not a carcass. Quit making it a national setback”

#2. “Try not to take a gander at pregnancy as some kind of ailment. It’s the most wonderful marvel that can happen to a lady”

#3. “There’s nothing amiss with being pregnant. Indeed, it’s a delight”

The Feminist Bollywood Needs

#4. “Why does it matter,” Kareena said when asked in regards to the infant’s sexual orientation

#5. “I am a girl child and I would love to have a girl”

#6. “I have helped out my family than a kid would ever do”

Holiday? But Why?

#7. “We are still in a country, where we are asked, ‘Oh! You are getting married, are you still going to work? Oh! You’re pregnant, are you still going to work? These inquiries upset me”

#8. “I adore acting so why if I quit working,” said Kareena when inquired as to whether she’ll take a vacation after conveyance

#9. “For executives who need to work with me, pregnancy won’t be an issue”

#10. “Whichever film I do, I won’t conceal my child knock onscreen. I’m pleased with this stage in my life”

Kareena Kapoor wedded on-screen character Saif Ali Khan in 2012 and the couple are expecting their first youngster in December. Kareena will be next seen in Veere Di Wedding, co-featuring Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania. She’ll be taping while pregnant.

Happy 36th, Kareena Kapoor. Shine away.

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