What are those things that can bring negative energy in your house?


Many things in Astrology are believed to increase the negative vibes that results in conflicts in the house and also results in money reduction. Such things should not be kept at home. Some people often keep these things safely at their homes and confront many problems due to the absence of related knowledge.

So do you know negative energy comes from which things?

Let us tell you what are those things that can give negative vibes to you:

  1. Bringing the statue of goddess Kali also brings the negative vibes in the house.
  2. If non-working clock is kept in the house, it gives negative energy.
  3. According to the astrology, one should not keep broken idols or old pictures of god in the house. It increases negative effect in the house.
  4. Shivling being brought in the house gives negative impact.
  5. Astrologist says that broken glass in the house are considered to bring deterrent in the relations as well as in the income. So quickly get the broken mirror, window