West Bengal soon to be called as Bangla or Bongo


A state Cabinet has taken decision to change the name of West Bengal in Bengali version. The main motive behind changing the name is to raise importance in the alphabetical sequence of state names.

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The state will be considered as Bangla or Bongo after sometime. The reports were confirmed by state education minister Partha Chatterjee on Tuesday.

On 26 August, a special Assembly session would be conducted to talk about the issue which will be followed by Centre’s permission, the minister said at the state secretariat.

The change in the name of West Bengal is a no-brainer as the state is neither located in the western part, nor there is anything called East Bengal, experts said.

Earlier, East Bengal was known as Bangladesh, an independent country.

Since 2011, efforts are being made by Mamta Banarjee. She went to the office of chief minister of the state and discovered an annoying truth.

Whenever the meeting between Union government and the states was addressed by Mamta Banarjee, the name of West Bengal always appeared at the bottom of the list.

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Recently, inter-state council meeting was held in which CM Mamata Banerjee waited for the whole working day till 7 in the evening after that she got a chance to speak.