‘We’re like interns’ says AAP MLA


NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party is in controversy these days. Around 21 AAP MLAs was appointed as Parliamentary Secretaries dangles in balance after President Pranab Mukherjee refused to give approval to a bill passed by the Delhi Assembly.

The petitions seeking disqualification of the legislators is examining by Election Commission. The Commission is seeking replies from the MLAs.

Aap MLA’S are denying the petitions and have conveyed to the EC that they were acting like interns or assistance attached to the ministers in various works of the government.

According to reports, the AAP legislators claimed themselves as “interns” in their reply to the show-cause notice of Election Commission.

AAP’s Delhi convenor Dilip Pandey said “their submissions have taken into account the moral, ethical and legal aspects and there should not be any room for doubt that they were acting as Parliamentary Secretaries.”

The elections will be held if the 21 MLAs are disqualified on the ground of holding office of profit. Recently, the AAP has 67 MLAs in the 70-member assembly. The remaining three are BJP legislators.

In the commentary titled “Kejriwal has the ‘Office’ it was alleged that “It is determined by perks, which undoubtedly these 21 MLAs were enjoying under Kejriwal’s Government and at the cost of the Delhi tax-payer”. It also said that AAP MLAs enjoy the ‘Profits'”.

Kejriwal tweeted, “Modi is only scared of AAP. He sees AAP everywhere – in the morning, evening, during daytime and in night.”