Weight Loss tips everyone should know


There is one thing which is neglected by most of the enthusiast trying to lose weight and sometimes even by their novice trainers which is the major reason which will hamper your weight loss journey it is –

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No matter what plan you follow, No matter which diet you adopt, No matter which celebrity’s workout plan you follow, it won’t help you in your weight loss unless you are in calorie deficit. Which is a simple law of thermodynamics but still many people avoid it thinking their new diet plan is a bomb and is surely going to turn them from a tractor to bat-mobile in 3 months. So avoid these gimmicks.

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Some of the other common ones are:-

Keep it simple:-

There are lots of gimmicks going on in the fitness world nowadays where suddenly sugar nowadays is considered as evil assuming if you eat lots of craps throughout the day and won’t eat sugar you’ll be fine, but if you eat just a teaspoon of sugar you are done. Again, it doesn’t matter which specific macronutrient you take in what proportion unless it is under your daily calorie expenditure and not exceeding it.

Overall is it healthy or not is a completely different topic but up to 4–5 tsp of sugar is fine for any normal individual.

Set realistic goals:-

Ok, so you see some celebrity’s dramatic transformation on internet and with full determination you plan to start your own weight loss plan by googling some diet and workout plan and starts following it. Weeks passed but are there any tangible results? NO. Why is that so – Because first of all you are comparing your results wit that celebrity who is not only working out but more than equal attention is giving to his/her diet too which is catered according to his body type and goals whereas you followed someone other’s diet and workout whose neither current weight, body type nor even goals matches with you.

So rather than following someone other’s diet and workout plan make your own plan and follow it and and while seeing the desired changes modify it accordingly.

Weight is not a true measure of health:-

Ok this might be new to you but let me tell you weight is truly not a measure of your health. Those things are kind of outdated now as weight does’t exactly tell you how much fat, muscle or water you have in your body but the total weight of your entire body. Instead get a BCA done and see your lean body mass, body fat percentage etc. It’ll tell you exactly what’s going on in your body. The body fat range of 10–15% is good for a normal male and 15–20% for a normal female.

So unless you are trying for any competition which requires you to be in a certain weight category or you are looking totally absurd in that weight range even with clothes on then don’t bother much about body weight, focus on diminishing body fat instead.

Loosing body weight vs body fat

Again new to a novice, but as I explained in the previous point so in continuation body fat and body weight are different things and you should focus on body fat reduction rather than body weight reduction as when your overall body weight reduces without much loss in body fat then you can guess where those extra kgs are coming from- muscle, water, essential nutrients etc. which is extremely unhealthy in any sense. This type of weight loss will only make you look good externally but internally you’ll have a really screwed up metabolism. Ever heard of people complaining about reduction in immunity after their major weight loss? So there you go.

More Sweat more weight loss- Not Really

It is a Common perception that the more you sweat the more you lose weight- Partially correct. Sweating is a natural mechanism of throwing out the heat from the body by the body. It results in loss of water leading to loss in weight but is this permanent. Nope. As soon as you rehydrate properly again your weight will be back to normal leaving you flabbergasted to what just happened.

Again focus on fat loss and not weight loss.

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