Weekly Horoscope: Mercury in Virgo sun sign, these signs will be benefited


This week mercury has left the Leo sunsign and has entered Virgo sunsign creating a group of three planets including sun, mercury and jupiter. Certain signs will have the advantage of this combination of planets this week. Let us tell you about this week's horoscope ….

Getting benefits on the Night of new moon follow these measures

Aries :-

This week, may be able to draw others attention with your brilliant ideas, it will be better for you if you use your energy in making new relationships and to complete work-related paperwork.

Taurus: –

This week you are likely to feel life, this week you may met an old or special friend and your happiness will increase.

Gemini :-

In terms of investing the week is very good, with hard work and creativity at work, you can achieve the goals before scheduled.

Cancer :-

This week to achieve the goals you may have to make extra effort, you have to be a little patient to keep harmony in every way.


Luckily this week, is helpful for you in getting desired results, though in business life you may have to face difficulties.

Virgo :-

This week you will hardly be able to meet the expectations of others, if possible don’t promise something to your family members which you cannot fulfill.

Libra: –

This week you may think about changing your approach towards life. Your art of adjusting yourself according to time can save you this week.

Scorpio: –

If your financial state is not good for past sometime then, it may get stable. For business natives the time is friendly.

Sagittarius: –

This week could be very comfortable for you. Chances of promotion, at the same time you may need to be included in a social celebration.

Capricorn :-

This week the people struggling for employment for past sometime may get success.

Aquarius :-

This week is expected to bring significant changes in your life, this change can play a decisive role in setting your priorities.

Pisces :-

This week you may be full of enthusiasm and energy, to enhance professional lives and their careers this energy can be used in positive way.

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