Wedding proposal video with millions of views


It's protected to say a wedding proposition video with a large number of perspectives (4.1 million to be definite) on Facebook will make for a decent watch. Much the same as this one from Mexico which is turning into a web sensation for the most silly reason conceivable.

Women got surprise in her pizza box from Domino’s

The video, all of seven seconds in length, demonstrates the accurate minute a man popped the inquiry to his better half, and she… sit tight for it… blacked out at that exact minute.

Shared by Mexico-based model Reyna Renteria, the video demonstrates the lovely setting German Benitez, now Ms Renteria's life partner, set up to propose to her. Furthermore, exactly when Mr Benitez hands over the little black box, potentially containing the ring, to Ms Renteria… bam… she blacks out and drops to the ground. Ouch! That must've harmed and we're not simply discussing the fall.

All's great however. Ms Renteria is presently feeling better and on the off chance that you're pondering, she said yes. "I'm energized, unbelieving, stunned however cheerful and safe," she composed on Facebook in Spanish.

Guess all's well that ends well. Take a look at the incredible video below:

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