Wearing Short Dress? Keep These Things in Mind to Avoid Unnecessary Attention


Never going out of fashion is very applicable on the ‘Short Dresses’. Being fashionable, these dresses are also fun to wear and look good on almost every girl. These days more and more women are attempting this appealing and fascinating trend. Pay attention to the shoes, accessories that you pair it with, keeping few other tips in mind.

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Extremely fitted dress won’t work-

Your dress should be comfortable enough to fit you at all the right places. It should not be so tight that it looks unflattering or like you’re trying too hard. Too tight will move up your thighs as you sit or move, which is so annoying and uncomfortable. Search for dresses with a proper fitting and ease. Do not go for both the short and tight options. Choose only one.

‘DO’ Wear Cycling Shorts in case of transparency-

Short dresses are prone to a lot of wardrobe malfunctions no matter how cute they look. Never forget to wear cycling shorts under your dress. This safety plan will never go wrong. They will not only make you feel comfortable, but also won’t let your underwear show.

‘Say ‘No’ to too Accessories-

Use your ‘Legs’ as a biggest accessory while wearing a mini dress. Keep the rest of your accessories simple. Let you legs be the center of attention for everyone. Flaunt your legs and boost your confidence. Groom your legs well and shine on, ladies!

‘DON’T’ Let the Panty Lines Show-

You are wearing a stunning mini dress but it is giving a view of your panty line, then surely your fabulous look is wiped out. Wear seamless underwear or shape wear to avoid this annoying problem.

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Consciousness Is Not for You-

How you carry yourself is all that matter in the end. After all confidence in your appearance is a must. Do not get conscious, and never pull your dress down to cover your legs. This thing can easily ruin everything. Say ‘Yes’ to comfort first. Don’t wear a dress that you aren’t comfortable in.