We need to change our thinking about sports, says Aamir Khan


Actor Aamir Khan alleged that Indians must appreciate athletes for their performance at the Rio Olympics. The outlook of the country need to be changed if it wants more wins at the global platform, he added.

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In movie “Dangal” Aamir Khan has brought up Haryanvi wrestler Mahavir Phogat. He claimed that people must take sports seriously.

"I don't blame the athletes at all. They are giving their all. If we want to see Olympic medals and world-class athletes, then we have to change the way each one of us thinks about sports. In schools, sports is not a part of the curriculum. My parents never asked how I did in PT. They asked me how I did in my subjects.” Aamir said.

"So, as a child, you are telling me that this (sports) is not important. All that I learnt in school, history, geography, algebra – nothing has come of use in my life. But what I learnt in sports has been useful," the actor said.

Aamir said, "Sports teaches you hard work, team spirit builds your concentration, you learn how to take a defeat. Whatever I am today, sports has had a huge contribution. My focus, the way I have applied that…The passion I bring to my work, all that has come from sports. So, I think as a nation we have to think differently about sports."

51-yr old actor said, "I loved the script. When Nitesh (Tiwari, the film's director) narrated me I laughed, I cried. I just loved it. That's the only reason I do films. "I don't do films because I want to promote a particular social issue or want to help sports. No, because I have a responsibility towards my audience and that comes first for me."

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