‘We haven’t got the machine yet and henceforth money can’t be paid out’, says Petrol Pump owners


AHMEDABAD: Even 48 hours after the declaration that money could be taken at the fuel stations but it remained simply a declaration. Fuel station staff members in the city are declining to permit charge cards to be swiped for Rs 2,000 in real money, expressing that they don't have State Bank of India purpose of offer (POS) machines. 

Many fuel station proprietors decay by just saying that they were not approved to give money for charge card swipes.Random checks at state organization run petrol pumps at Manav Mandir, Vastrapur lake, Mansi Crossroads, Jodhpur Crossroads and even CG Road, drew a similar reply, "We haven't got the machine yet and henceforth money can't be paid out." 

At all of these spots, the staff members declined to distinguish themselves, saying the proprietors let them know not to address anybody. "We have been informed that if any one desires money, say there is no machine accessible," a worker of a fuel bunk close Jodhpur said. 

Arvind Thakkar, president of the Federation of Gujarat Petroleum Dealers Associa tions said: "Gujarat won't profit by this move as most petrol pumps utilize POS machines of private-segment banks. Of the 3,000 petrol pumps in the express, the quantity of pumps utilizing SBI machines is little. In all of Delhi there are only five SBI machines, so this the move will set aside its own particular sweet time for usage," said. Thakkar. 

Be that as it may, Mayur Mehta, the proprietor of Associated Petroleum Corporation at CG Road, said, "SBI should supply POS (purpose of offer) machines to fuel station de alers and simply after that will money withdrawal will be conceivable. SBI supplies POS machines in provincial regions just where there is an absence of managing an account offices. Once these are introduced, natives will have the capacity to get change by swiping charge or Visas." Mehta however said the move won't help pe ople who are queueing up to have notes traded. 

Rajesh Shah, who went to a fuel station for money, said: "I have been traveling between various petrol pumps for money, yet nobody gave it. At the Indian Oil station in Ambawadi, the representative let me know that there was no machine yet I could see a machine with a SBI sticker."