We have to show the results, says Harmanpreet Singh


Bengaluru: Two players – one a drag-glint who was a piece of the senior squad that partook in the Rio Olympics, and the other, a midfielder from a little town called Ahalu from Imphal will be the way to Indian squad's fortunes in the lesser World Cup starting one month from now.

While Harmanpreet Singh and Nilakanta Sharma assume distinctive parts in the group, the concentration, motivation and assurance to return as title holders, from the huge occasion to be held in Lucknow one month from now, blazes splendid in the team.

Harmanpreet, by and large the most lively off the field, rushes to put on his genuine face when gotten some information about the diversion, his time with the senior squad, readiness and mind-set in the colts' camp. "When I was there in Rio, they would call attention to the missteps I was making and appreciated helping me. That is paying off now," he said before including that playing with the seniors does not make him unique.

 "I am the same as I was before and will keep on being this way. I simply play my typical diversion and guide when asked to." The 20-year-old Harmanpreet, who stood out as truly newsworthy after predictable exhibitions in the four-country competition at Valencia a month ago, looks to senior drag glimmer Rupinder Singh Pal and national group skipper and goalkeeper PR Sreejesh for direction to enhance his punishment corner endeavors.

"Everybody has an alternate method for taking it. On the off chance that you see, more objectives originate from low shots (subsequently I strike low). We simply need to concentrate on the objective and execute," he opined.

"In preparing, the strategies that they utilize and what I do are same. They (Rupinder and VR Raghunath) have a great deal of experience. Be it any goalkeeper, they know him; shortcomings, in addition to focuses. The mentor gives a great deal of contributions also," he commented. While they are investigating every possibility in their offer to crest at the World Cup, Harmanpreet is completely mindful of the difficulties ahead.

"As such, we have performed well. We are running with the point of winning an award. We need to demonstrate the outcomes for the three years we have been as one," Harmanpreet pushed. Then, for midfielder Nilakanta, the wins at Spain are a gigantic confidence promoter and something he is quick to take going ahead. "The wins at Spain were a certainty sponsor. Everybody is dedicated and the group consequently gets into a genuine mode, each of them realizes what their parts are," said Nilakanta.