We caught Ranveer Singh cheating!


Ranveer Singh is known for his vivacious nature. Also, he's clearly dating glamorous lady Deepika Padukone. Be that as it may, look what we got our hands on! We got Ranveer Singh tricking! 

No baba, he isn't cheating on Deepika. He's just cheating on his diet. Ranveer who has been prepping up and working out rigorously to flaunt a particular body type for his next film Befikre was caught in the act.

His Trainer Stevens Lloyd discovered Ranveer Singh plunging into a jug of Nutella to satisfy his sweet tooth yearnings. What's more, what we got in the long run was an amusing picture of Ranveer with his mentor! All things considered, when it's Ranveer, it's generally fun!