We are proud, we should have done this earlier, says John Abraham on surgical strikes


In context of Surgical Strikes by Indian Army two days back, actor John Abrahim alleged, “We are proud, we should have done this earlier. I am talking about LoC. It’s high time we respond to terrorism. As a country we are very tolerant and I think we should put our foot down and show what India can do.”

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Sonakshi asserted, “Thank you that they took this big step. Like John said, it is need of the hour. I am happy it is happening. We are all citizens of our country.”

The Bollywood celebrities had not made any remark on MNS which told Pakistani artistes to leave India.

John asserted, “It is important (to see) what we do, we are not in a position to opinionate what others do and don’t do. We can speak for ourselves, Sonakshi can speak for what emotions she goes through and what emotion I go through. We can solely give our opinion.”

“I feel fortunate to be part of industry to promote and express our solidarity with our country and for the soldiers who are true heroes of this country,” he added.

“We can speak for ourselves and stand up for our own people,” Sonakshi quoted.

When Asked by Kangana Ranaut about MNS which have banned Pakistani actors, she said, “Right now we are very overwhelmed with the loss of our soldiers, our jawans and our sons. So the country is not in that (frame of mind). It’s very hard to be objective right now. But we hope that the love and art prevails. Right now we can’t expect people to be objective. It’s such a big loss.”

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