“We are deprived of sports facilities in Rajasthan University”, says students


Jaipur: Students of Rajasthan University who are under sports quota said that they are depressed as there are not much opportunities available for them in the campus.

There is only one coach for swimming while posts of volleyball, table tennis, badminton, athletics and hockey are vacant since years.

Moreover, hundreds of students have applied for admission under sports quota this year not knowing the poor facilities in the university. The department's outdoor courts like volleyball, basketball are in its hapless state, as well as the indoor stadium.

The flooring of the table tennis and badminton court are completely broken and there is huge chance of injuries for the players. The repair works also have been stopped for years due to lack of funds.

"Both outdoor and indoor stadiums are not fit for any sports activity. We become so conscious of saving ourselves from injury that the game goes for a toss. Repeatedly, I have told the management to replace it with good material but in vain.", student of Rajasthan College, Ramprasad Poonia told TOI.