Ways to use papaya leaves to combat dengue fever


Papaya is known to be the one of the wholesome fruits as it is very beneficial in treating several diseases. Its leaves involves curing properties, anti-malarial properties that combats with health related disorders like dengue, malaria and many others. Know its benefits :

Image result for Ways to use papaya leaves to combat dengue feverConsuming seasonal fruits and veggies lowers colon cancer risk

Boost body’s immunity: The leaves of Papaya involves phenolic compounds, papain, alkaloids and many strong antioxidants that promotes immunity of body. It is very helpful in preventing digestive problems.

Treats dengue: The research revealed that papaya leaf juice prevents dengue fever. Dengue occurs after the biting of Aedes mosquitoes. People faces high fever, skin rash and reduction in platelet count during dengue fever. Papaya leaf juice works well in decreasing the symptoms of dengue.

Image result for Ways to use papaya leaves to combat dengue feverInvolves anti-malarial properties: Papaya leaves contains anti-malarial properties that works well to treat dengue fever. Papaya leaf involves Acetogenin compound that helps in curing disease including malaria and dengue.

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Image result for Ways to use papaya leaves to combat dengue feverSteps to use papaya leaves to prevent dengue:

First of all, extract papaya juice or its pulp from papaya plant. Drink it on daily basis to prevent dengue fever. Check out ways here :

  1. Take dry papaya leaves, wash it properly and then cut them into minute pieces. Keep the leaves in a saucepan along with 2 litres of water. Boil it for about 5-10 minutes. Remove the liquid. Add this leave in a glass or a bottle.
  2. You can consume ripe papaya every day. One can sip a glass of papaya juice by mixing lemon juice to it. Sip this juice everyday for about 2-3 times. Your dengue fever will go away.
  3. You can take papaya leaves and grind them in a mixy. Sip 2 tablespoon of its juice every day.