Ways to look beautiful without any cosmetics


1. Focus on your diet

Cosmetics, can only make you beautiful from outside. So to make yourself beautiful from inside you have to be concern about your diet. For fruits will help you to get glowing skin.

avoid oily food as much as you can.

2. Keep yourself hyderate

To look beautiful without cosmetics, you shoauld drink plenty of water. You should atleast drink 8 to 10 glass of water in day. Water helps to get rid of toxins and it keeps you nourish from the inside.

3 Scrub your skin (Aksfoliatt)

Applying too much of cosmetics on the skin can kill your skin cells and grow more of pimple and black spots. To get you should have Aksfoliatt on your skin once in week. You can use Herbal Products or lemon, or sugar oats to make your own scrub.

4 Use Toner:

This is also a good way Aksfoliashan the skin. It will make your pores become larger and help skin to get rid from dust.  Toner will soften your skin. You can use Neem water and rose water as a toner.

5 Use moisturiser:

Use moisturiser not only in winter season, you should use it in summers aswell. Buy moisturiser according to your skin type. It will help you to remove Fineliness on dry skin and will make you look younger. Use moisturiser to keep it moist and soft.

6 Use facewash

Use facewash daily to get rid of dirt and oil. Beautician suggest you to use to 2 times in a day once in the morning and once before going to sleep

7 Use sunscreen

Apply suncreen on your skin daily. It not only protects you from UV rays but also save you from harsh sunlight.

8 keep your hair clean

If your hair are oily and dirty then your face will look dull aswell. For that you should keep your hair and scalp clean. wash your hair according to your hair type, atleast 3 times a week.