Ways to perform Hanuman pooja at home!


Hanuman Puja – Simple Procedure For Homes

Ruler Hanuman is the fan of Lord Sri Ram. He is constantly associated with his true dedication to Lord Ram. Hanuman is an effective divinity famously adored in Hinduism. Hanuman is the image of bravery, quality, shrewdness and triumph. He vanquishes all indecencies and brings achievement. The admirers of Hanuman will increase colossal physical and mental quality and strength to prevail in life. Hanuman puja should be possible on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Be that as it may, you can do Hanuman puja on any day you wish. Here is a straightforward methodology for Hanuman puja at home.

Shower and arrangements

Wake up at a young hour in the morning when you wish to perform Hanuman puja at home. Clean up and summon the nearness of the seven hallowed waterways in the water you bathe. This demonstration will purge your body and psyche. Serenade the mantra for this summon, “Gangecha Yamunaschaiva Godaavari Saraswati Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannidham Kuru”. When you have scrubbed down, wear clean garments, clean the home and the puja sacrificial table. At that point do the arrangements for the puja.

Materials required for Hanuman Puja

An icon or picture of Lord Hanuman, light, oil, wicks, incense sticks, camphor, Tulsi leaves and tulsi festoons, betel leaves and nuts, banana, coconut, different organic products conceivable, an assortment of blooms and botanical laurels, some decent dishes you can get ready, turmeric glue, shoe glue, and kumkum.

Set up the sacred place

Either in the puja sacred place of your home or a raised stage, introduce the photo or icon of Lord Hanuman. Enhance it with tulsi festoons, blooms, turmeric glue, kumkum, shoe glue and different materials you may have. Think about Lord Hanuman and serenade His bheej mantra, “Aum Shri Hanumate Namah”. Light the light and ask Lord Hanuman to be introduced in the icon or picture and acknowledge the puja you are doing.

Ganesh puja

Additionally, introduce a photo or symbol or turmeric picture of Lord Ganesh close to the Hanuman icon. Prior to the beginning of the puja, ask Lord Ganesh to expel the snags to the puja and move it to finish. Take some water and blooms in hands and serenade the accompanying mantra for the reason.

Vakra Tunda Mahaakaaya Suryakoti Samaprabha

Nirvighnam Kurume Deva Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvataa

Hanuman Mantra

Additionally, serenade the mantras of Lord Shri Rama since Hanuman can be effortlessly satisfied by droning the names of Ram.

Shri Rama Rameti Rame Manorame

Sahasranaama Tattulyam Rama Nama Varaname

Hanuman Puja Conclusion

In the wake of doing the puja and making the offerings, do arati for Hanuman with camphor fire. Do namaskar before the sacrificial stone and say the petitions you wish to make. Toward the finish of the puja offer a few blooms at the feet of Lord Hanuman. Gather the Prasad and convey it to individuals around. On the next day of the puja, light the light in the morning, offer a few blossoms and water to Lord Hanuman and say this supplication. “Gracious Lord Hanuman, the kind one! I thank you for going by my unassuming home to acknowledge the puja I performed. If it’s not too much trouble favor me with a sound body and a sound personality and achievement in life. If it’s not too much trouble backpedal to your awesome dwelling place returned when I implore you once more.”