Ways to make use of egg!


Eggs are a great source of protein, Vitamin B2 as well as fat. The white portion of eggs contains lot of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals including zinc, iron and copper that works well on body. One can consume egg during breakfast and even in lunch. Here are the ways you can make use of eggs on daily basis:

  1. Apply egg mask on face and hair:

Egg mask can be prepared by adding egg yolk along with raw honey. Apply this egg mask on face for nearly 10-15 minutes. It involves lecithin that contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps to moisturize the skin. Egg yolk will make hair shiny.

  1. Act as a Fertiliser:

Egg shells involve calcium that gives nourishment to plants. It helps to remove unwanted pests and make plants strong.

  1. Helpful in Cleaning:

It has thick and sticky base that is beneficial in eliminating dirt from leather products. All you need to do is, scrub the area from where you want to remove dirt and clear with a soggy cloth. It helps to create shield covering on the leather, providing it that extra shine.

4 Act as a perfect First-aid:

If you are facing minor cut, then apply the thin covering between the white and the shell of a hardboiled egg, you will see a change! Your bleeding will get reduced as egg involves scar-fighting nutrients. You can also scrub the portion of egg on your injury.

5 De-oxidiser:

In the event that your silver gems needs some de-oxidation, break a couple hardboiled yolks into a compartment. Spread some paper towels over the yolks before setting your gems on it to maintain a strategic distance from direct contact. Seal the compartment and let your studs or knickknacks sit for a day. Wash it with some cleanser later to dispose of the scent.