The way to see the God


Prakriti or nature is a noticeable piece of the Creator of this universe. It is the imperceptible type of Almighty God who controls and oversees formation of nature. Krishna says in the Gita, “Maya adhyaksena prakritih suyate sacharacharam, anena hetuna kaunteya jagat viparti vartate — under my watch, nature conveys forward whole creation including moving, vivified and unmoving, unanimated creatures. For this cause the wheel of the entire universe rotates.”

Krishna says, that nature comprises of two sections, one is lower nature including air, ether, earth, water, fire, psyche, brains and sense of self — likewise called as jada or apara prakriti — and the other,higher nature, chetan or para prakriti, the life component with which living creatures work. All living beings,moving and unmoving, spread out from the union of kshetra or matter and the kshetrajna or soul. On the off chance that any of these is absent, there can’t be presence.

For example, to switch on a fan; we require both fan and power. Krishna says, “Every single encapsulated animal noticeable in various structures have nature as their considering mother and I am the bija pradhan pita or seed-giving father.

So all creatures who appear have a cognizant part or life component as a seed of the all-swarming, unmanifest,Almighty God. There are three gunas, properties of nature, which force men to perform karma or action.These don’t permit anybody to stay without playing out any activity for even a moment.These attributes of nature bond the jiva,embodied soul, to the body. All through life, one spins around any of these characteristics of nature at any given time. These gunas or qualities are sattva guna, rajas guna and tamas guna.

Krishna says,”There is no living animal on Earth or even in paradise among divine beings, or whatever other planets, who is free from these three qualities of nature.” (Gita: 18:40). When one engages honorable musings of helping other people, one emanates learning and works for the welfare of all creatures, commanded by sattva guna.When one is emphatically impacted by voracity, anxiety, wants, interests, he is at the rajasic phase of gunas.The haziness, idleness, inactivity, sluggishness, fancies, considerations of hurting others, restlessness and numbness are delegated tamasic qualities.

These decide the behaviour,moods,life examples and life of people. While watching the gunas, it ends up plainly clear that nature is a noticeable type of the Creator.The laws and standards of nature are likewise well founded by science — some of them are known as Archimedes’ rule, Newton’s law, hypothesis of relativity and quantum laws.However, as per the Bhagwad Gita, every one of nature’s laws are directed and controlled by God in undetectable shape.