The way a girl walks, it reveals so much About Her!

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As per the various astrological methods, the behavior and many other traits of girls can be traced by the way of walking. So let’s know how you can learn this science.

Fast moving girls

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As per the astrological measures the girls who walk fast have an impact of Mars on them, which is very beneficial. These girls are full of self confidence and have the power to face life problems by their own selves! These kind of girls are so adventurous and full of life.

Girls who take small steps while walking:

The girls who walk slowly while taking small steps are highly influenced by Mercury. These girls are of calm nature and they want to live their live without any boundaries. Such girls are cheerful and of friendly nature, they are good speakers and intelligent too.

Slow moving Girls:

Some girls tend to walk slowly since the beginning. According to astrology, these girls have a high effect of Saturn on them. These girls are comfortable and calm but they think too deep.

Those Who Drag Legs:

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Such girls who drag their feets while walking are highly influenced by Rahu and Saturn. Due to this, these girls are mostly found unhappy with their lives and are very confused about everything.






Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures