Waxing Aftercare Tips To Reduce Skin Problems!

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Hair problems have become so common among girls these days. In ancient times, girls or women didn’t use to pay attention to their beauty but now lifestyle of every person has been changed. As the world has become so modern, every girl wants to look so fashionable and stylish. As unwanted hair occurs in several parts of our body, so every girl go to parlour and prefers to do waxing so that her skin look completely smooth and glowing. But sometimes waxing gives negative effect on body and led to skin problems like rashes, itching etc. There are several remedies to get rid of it. Check out here:

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If you are facing rashes after waxing, then use anti-biotic creams or lotions. Your itching problem will be reduced.

If you are facing pimples after waxing, then avoid using soap in the affected area for a few days. You can use mild soap.

Wear loose and cotton clothes after waxing. Wearing very tight clothes will increase the risk of pimples and rashes.

Use ice on the affected area. With this, your pimples will be reduced and itching will also be decreased. Do not forget to use moisturizers after applying ice.

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Apply coconut oil or Tea Tree Oil on your skin after waxing. Do not scratch your skin with nails otherwise you may face rashes.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures