Watch: Robbers gave up after trying smashing open Jewellery counter


Two thieves worked tirelessly to crush a single display case, but it declined to give way. The robbery attempt, which occurred at a jewellery store in Malaysia, has circulated around the web. CCTV film of a gang of four thieves, their faces covered with bike helmets, attempting to break the display case of Kedai Emas Sri Alam jewellery store with hammers was shared by the store on July 25. It has since then collected over 5.8 million views on Facebook.

The occurrence occurred on Monday evening in the city of Shah Alam.

Watch the video below:

In their Facebook post, the store has affirmed that no one was harmed, although the store will stay close for two weeks as repairs take place.

As per the site Hype, it was most likely the polycarbonate glass used in the display counter – which is 10 times safer than glass or plastic – that prevented the robbery.

Shah Alam Deputy OCPD Supt Nek Zaidi Zakaria affirmed the case, saying six suspects were included in the robbery, reports.

“We haven’t checked our stock completely but from what I saw, the robbers didn’t escape with anything,” said a worker of the store, as indicated by one of a media houses.