WATCH: Controversial godman Swami Om and his entourage gets beaten by women in Delhi


Self-announced and one of India’s most controversial godman Swami Om never neglects to a make it to the headlines and with his most recent stint with Bigg Boss, Swami Om has got some fame to his name. Be that as it may, the fame has been coming in for all the wrong reasons, first Swami Om made news while he attempted to attack a lady in a live TV debate.

Be that as it may, appears like the audience has at last challenged his bluff, yes Swami Om was beaten in broad daylight when he went to a candle march at Jantar Mantar following the Amarnath terror attacks. As detailed by the media he got into a contention with the ladies and later needed to confront their anger when they let their hands free on him. One of his supporters who acted the hero was additionally beaten . The police needed to come into the picture to end the chaos. Watch the video here: