Was kept at Poes Garden like a dog, says ousted AIADMK MP Sasikala Pushpa


New Delhi: Expelled AIADMK MP Sasikala Pushpa on Monday claimed that she was abused by her gathering boss J Jayalalithaa who was pressurizing her to stop for more than two months.

Conversing with correspondents outside Parliament, the AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP said, ''I was not permitted to go home. I was kept in Poes Garden like a canine. I am under threat.'''

Sasikala Pushpa additionally communicated joy over her removal from the gathering, saying ''I can take a shot at my own particular at this point.''

She, be that as it may, stayed mum when she was advised to elucidate on the off chance that she was hit by AIADMK boss Jayalalithaa.

The response from Pushpa came soon after AIADMK leadershp ousted her from the gathering for slapping a pioneer from the adversary DMK.

Pushpa today separated in Parliament, guaranteeing danger to her life.

In a brief explanation, Jayalalithaa said that Pushpa was being ousted from all gathering posts, including essential enrollment as she hosted acted infringing upon the get-together standards and morals.

"Her conduct has conveyed incredible offensiveness to the diletantish," she said.

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Jayalalithaa requested that gathering supporters not have any truck from now on with the Thoothukudi-based Rajya Sabha MP.

Pushpa had supposedly assaulted DMK's Rajya Sabha MP Trichy Siva at the Delhi airplane terminal on Saturday for censuring Jayalalithaa.

"I require insurance. I don't have security in Tamil Nadu. There is a risk for my life," Pushpa said in Rajya Sabha, including that she is "being constrained" to leave from her protected post.

"I won't do it," she said. "On the off chance that a MP is slapped by a pioneer, then what is this? We ought to have human poise," she included.

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The Congress rushed to grab the open door and requested that her affirmations be tested as well as be given security by the Center.