War between Shaleen Bhanot and Sneha Wagh


They may be playing a devoted a couple in the historical show ‘Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh’. However, off the camera, a cold war is brewing between Sneha Wagh and Shaleen Bhanot. Informs a source associated with the show, “They failed to hit it off right since the beginning. In fact, they didn’t try to be friends. Sneha is vocal about the fact that she doesn’t like Shaleen.”

Sneha is also quite candid about her emotions. She includes, “I couldn’t relate to him from day one. Maybe, I developed preconceived notions about him after reading about his controversial personal life. I don’t leave my comfort zone to speak with him. We are not companions and I don’t want that either.”

However, Shaleen says that he has no issues with Sneha. He says, “I don’t interact with any one individual beyond requirement on the set and a same rule applies to Sneha. I am pretty cool with her and am lucky to have her opposite me in the show, as she is a brilliant performer. We share a great onscreen chemistry.”