Wants to dress up like Boho girl? Go through these tips!


Boho dresses suits the best to those people who loves to wear long flowery gowns, short frocks, skirts, T-shirt dresses. This type of attire gives a girl stylish getup as it is made up of smooth fabric, quite easy to wear and handle for long hours. These days, “boho” dresses is a lot in trend. “Bohemian” style which is often known as “boho” is linked with 60’s and 70’s attires. Today I am going to tell you about the Bohemian trend that will help you to look like stunning Boho girl.

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Image result for boho dressesSay NO to neon wear. Adorn dark coloured attires to gain attention among people.

Carry fringe bag and batik tote along with your dress.

Prefer donning scarf on your waist and head. This style will give you a complete hot CHIC look. By wrapping scarf on your head, your bad hair will get hide.

Image result for boho dressesAdorn a droopy hat so that your body will get prevented from the sun rays. Moreover, your look will seek attention of people.

Exclusive vintage dresses including straight pants, floral shirts or skirts, strap tops must be donned to get Boho fashionable glance.

Put on Shawl/dupatta during extraordinary events along with Boho dress to get a perfect look. Wear attractive ethnic dresses including ikat and highlight your dress. Cover your shoulders with shawl or dupattas.

For Boho look, vintage belts are the best as it goes with long dresses, skirts and short dress too.

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Match up white boho blouse and a dungaree to get a trendy look. Don’t forget to carry boho bag.