I want to work with Salman Khan and Aamir Khan says Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan, who was recently seen on screen in a cameo appearance in “Tubelight” recently opened up about the possibility of working with Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. The “Raees” on-screen character said that while he is very keen to work with Aamir and Salman, the same has not occurred because of the lack of a good script.

Discussing the lack of a good script, Shah Rukh stated, “If anyone has a good story in which Salman, Aamir and I can fit together in equal roles or even if we find any story for two us, then we will without a doubt work together. In the previous four to five years, I have not heard any great story in which two heros have equal parts or in which two big stars can work together.”

Shah Rukh additionally included, “lat me tell you, we three have no issues working together. In fact, we three have regularly discussed this among ourselves that if we get a good script, we should do it. I have told Salman and Aamir various times that we should sincerely contemplate doing a film together.”

“It is not important that both of us needs to has the story, it is important that a directors should have such a story. Previously, Aamir, Salman and I have not heard any story in which will justify all three of us coming together. For if the story is bad, at that point the three of us working together will be useless,” stated Shah Rukh.

Shah Rukh signed off saying, “If we need to make a film featuring all three of us or even both of us, there must be a good story in which there should be equal roles and a story that should appeal to us. There must be a director who can write such a story and make the film. What is most important is that all three of us should have dates that match. Everybody should be free and everybody needs the time so that the shooting of the film can be completed in a stretch. The cost of working with big stars is high because of the time required and not the money we charge. If we get such an opportunity, we will work together.”