Want To Impress A Girl For A Date This Valentines Day?

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Boys and girls share special bond with each other but after some time the friendship turned into relationship as they came closer to each other. You might be thinking about it but yes it happens! When a girl or a boy comes into relationship, they just want to meet their partner alone and spend quality time with the lover so that they can feel special. Several times it becomes very difficult for boys to get assent of girls for a date as their proposal doesn’t make them feel good. But if you want to get ‘YES’ answer from your lover, then these tips will surely help you!

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Some romantic emoji in Chat:  If you have finalized whom you want to take with you on a date, then talk to her on a chat using lovable Emoji’s and even use question mark to get answer.

Make a bet: Laugh with her whom you want to take on a date. Make a bet in your talks. But keep in mind, Use only that condition in which you feel that only you will win. Use bet during that time when her mood is very good.

Highlight words

Sitting together in a class room or highlighting the words on her book. This can help you a lot. By doing this, she will get an idea that you want to go with her on a date. You can ask her by writing, “Are you interested for coffee with me?

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Take help from your crush’s friend:  Boys can take help from crush’s friend. Keep in mind that you choose a friend who is understandable.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the lend of Sun, Send and adventures