Want to help women with disabilities, says silver medallitst Deepa Malik


RIO DE JANEIRO: Indian athlete Deepa Malik had won a silver medal for India at Rio on Monday.

45 yr-old wheelchair bound player Deepa Malik has made a history by and by for India by accomplishing a Medal at the Paralympics. She has won the silver decoration for accomplishing a score of 4.61m in the shot.

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Deepa's silver developed India's count at the Rio Paralympics to three decorations. Bahrain's Fatema Nedham won the gold award with a best toss of 4.76m, whileDimitra Korokida of Greece packed away bronze with a toss of 4.28m.

"I want to use this medal to support women with disabilities in India. This journey has been wonderful for me and my entire family. I am proud to be the oldest athlete in the team and win a medal," Deepa said.

"I don't know whether she was confident of winning a medal but she gave the best performance of her life," daughter Devika told.

She added that, "I haven't spoken to her after the event, but we had seen her work hard for the Games and we are happy that that hard work resulted in a medal."

The silver decoration will be the good to beat all for Deepa, additionally the primary Indian lady to take part at the Paralympics, yet it returns on the of an amazing exhibit of swimming and spear endeavors for the paraplegic, who has been deadened starting from the waist after a spinal tumor in 1999, trailed by three surgeries and 183 fastens, made strolling unimaginable. A previous Rajasthan state ladies' cricketer, Deepa's first love remains biking. Deepa Malik once asserted she had become hitched at 20 since her better half bolstered her adoration for bicycles. Regardless of her present condition, she turned into the main paraplegic lady on the planet to ride a quad bicycle crosswise over high-elevation goes in nine days on Ladakh's motorable streets. In 2013, she took part in a Chennai-Delhi (3,278km) skillet India drive by paraplegic ladies.

That is not all. In 2008, Deepa made another record when she swam the Yamuna for a kilometer upstream. After four years, she was honored the Arjuna Award for her swimming exhibitions. Altogether, she has 17 universal decorations, 58 National gold awards, she holds the Asian record in spear toss furthermore has World Championship silver decorations in shot put and plate in 2011.

Today, a mother of two and spouse of an Army officer, Deepa is a vocal representative for paraplegic rights in the nation with her Ability Beyond Disability development.

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