Want a Long Lasting Lipstick? Try These Hacks!



We cannot imagine women without lipstick. Can we? No woman steps out of their home without their favorite lipstick.Lipstick is one of the quintessential beauty product. After all, every woman pray for a perfect and long lasting lipstick. Here are few hacks for a long lasting lipstick.

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  1. Use mascara wand for smooth and soft lips. Apply a good lip balm on your lips and then use a mascara wand to get rid of that dry and flaky skin. Your lips will not get chappy after this.

Image result for mascara wand on lips2. You can use your lipstick as blush. Just apply some lipstick on your cheeks and then blend it with your fingers. And you are all set!

Image result for lipstick as blush3. Isn’t it difficult to find a long lasting lipstick. If No then you can use some translucent powder on your lips before applying your lipstick.

Image result for translucent powder on lips4. It will be great if you use Matte lipsticks as they are very common these days. Line your lips after applying a matte lipstick. It will help you in defining your lips properly.

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5. Usually women apply lip balm before using a lipstick so that their lips don’t get dry. But using too much lip balm can cause a short term stay of your lipstick. Apply a lipstick, after you apply a very thin coat of lip balm for 10 mins.

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