I want to live my life alone, will never get married says Akshaye Khanna


Akshaye Khanna’s sudden disappearance from motion pictures brought up issues about inconvenience in his personal life. The performer admitted that he was busy with a couple of family commitments and hence kept away from movies. While the on-screen character is in a cheerful space professionally now that he is taking up more movies, Akshaye on the personal front has chosen to remain a bachelor.

Confesses totrapped in a commitment phobic environment to a leading portal, Akshaye stated, “It is still there. Thus I will never get married. I want to live my life alone. I can be in a relationship for sometime but I know I can’t see it lasting for a lifetime.”

Taking about his frame of mind when it comes to relationships, Akshaye included, “See I think that its very unnatural to remain in a relationship for that long. I know the majority of the world thinks that its more natural but I don’t. I believe I should be permitted to move from one relationship to another whenever I want to.”

“I trust two individuals should be in a relationship till the time they both are glad about it however once it goes to a point that both of them are not happy then they should’ve theoption to leave. And that leaving ought not be the process it has become today i.e divorce. Parting should be as beautiful as being together,” said the performing artist as he signed off.