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Tourists in very small quantity likes to visit Algeria to explore. Even it is the most attractive country in North Africa, then also the number of visitors is very low and is a matter of shame for this nation. Tribals are the main sway of Algeria and here we came to see the mixture of tradition and modernity.Image result for Algeria

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It has been ruled by a lot of Sultanates and the State-clans, including Numidiyyai, Karthaginayati, Roman, Vandal, Bijantin, Arabic Umayyad, Barbar Fatimid and Alhohad and the back Ottoman Turkey. Algeria is a semi-presidential Republic of 48 sub states and 1541 professions.Image result for Algeria

The population here is 3.7 million and in terms of population it is the 34th most populous country in the world. It is the tenth largest country in the world and here the Arabic language is spoken here. In ancient times, Algeria was called Sultanate Nomedia. The people here were called nomadians.Related image

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