Want To Know The Reason Behind Jacqueline Fernandez’s Hot Figure? Check It Out!



Known for her fitness and beauty, Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez has a secret behind her sizzling figure. She is seen carrying her natural beauty every time she goes out. The reason behind this is that, Jacqueline follows a particular routine every day. In the awe of her figure and gracious beauty, here are some secrets behind it.

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Getting the right start-

Jacqueline starts her day with a glass of warm water along with yoga practice. In her workout, Yoga is must included in her fitness regime. At least 3-4 times a week she practices yoga. Also the actress practices other different activities such as Pilates, hot yoga and few sets of planks to keep herself fit.

Image result for jacqueline full figure imagesEat and drink right-

She follows a middle path as Jacqueline do not believes in extreme diet and extreme workouts. Her meal is divided into different parts, which means she needs to eat something healthy after every 2 hours. Other than diet she drinks an abundant amount of water which helps to keep her hydrated and increase the metabolism.

Image result for jacqueline full figure imagesDance it out-

As we all have seen Jacqueline’s pole dance moves in her recent movie ‘A Gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, Risky.’ She has added this amazing pole dance moves in her regime. Dance is a very important part of her fitness regime. This actress always takes out time for dance during her film shoots as well. So here Jacqueline Fernandez brings one new form of exercise for you all.

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Image result for jacqueline full figure images dancingBut in the end she advises to keep smiling always and keep yourself positive. Jacqueline Fernandez believes this is how you can stay fit and healthy.

Earlier she said, “Health is not about your size or your weight, it’s about how strong you feel mentally, it’s about how much energy you give your day everyday and it’s about how confident you feel with your skill whatever it may be.”.

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