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Lemon is great source of Vitamin C. It is very helpful in treating several health disorders including digestion problem, kidney stones, skin problem, breath problem, weight loss etc. People make use of this vegetable in food items to make it tangy. Know its benefits here :

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Alkalizing properties: Lemons involve acidic properties that helps to remove toxic substance from the body. It is very beneficial in balancing the pH level of body.

Involves vitamin C and flavonoids : Lemon is rich source of Vitamin C and citric acid which helps to overcome problems that occurs due to infections including flu and colds.

Image result for lemonBeneficial for liver: Lemon is a great tonic to the liver, it is a acerbic of uric acid as well as other venom. One must drink its juice in the dawn as it act as a perfect liver detoxifier.

Clear your bowels:Lemons raises peristalsis in the bowels and aids to generate a bowel movement. It is helpful in removing toxic substance from the body.  Take warm water, add lemon juice in it and sip it in the morning. You will see a change!

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Citirc Acid: Lemon contains that aids to soften gallstones, calcium deposits, and kidney stones.