Want a gorgeous and plump lips without using botox? Tips for natural plump lips


In this modern period of time every girl want to look gorgeous not with the clothes but also with their features. Inspiring by actress, Most of the gils want plump lips but they used to refuse take botox.So here are some tips which will help you to make your lips look bigger and sexier with some

1.Hydration is the compulsory for getting plump lips.Drink water as much as you can and apply a good lip balm with SPF.

Method Two of Five:


1.Apply a heavy layer or petroleum jelly or honey on and around your lips, do all this things before you get in the shower and don’t wipe it off while you take shower. This process of steam will help it to The steam will help goes into your lips, and will also gives you smooth lips. Wipe off when you’re done.

Method Three of Five:


1 Make your home made exfoliating mixture. For this you need a small amount of honey and a small amount of brown sugar and mix it well. Then apply the mixture on your lips and leave that for 5 minutes, after that clean it using a wet paper.Top it off with a layer of Aquaphor once they are dry.

Do you brush your teeth? I know that is to funny to ask. But here you have to use toothbrush or a terrycloth towel to exfoliate your lips. By doing this your lips become little swell but that will only for few minutes. If your lips are really dry and flaking, then try a layer of Carmex, topped with a layer of petroleum jelly or Aquaphor when you go to sleep at night. You should wake up with soft, flake-free lips.
3.Having dry lips than you should apply coconut oil on them before bathing and after bathing.And remember not to remove that. After repeating the first step for one week, apply any face cream on your lips for 10 seconds, then wash it off and apply coconut oil again. This thing will help your lips in moisturising it and naturally give it a pinkish color, along with plump lips. Do this method for at least 2 weeks. And now for 3 days apply water on your lips by using your finger or using a brush. This process will take out your dead skin from your lips, and will give a new layer to your.

So by using this process you can get plump and beautiful lips.