Want to get rid from oily skin? Use this facepack


Like many people, if your skin is oily then you should know about the problems related to it. Just as dry skins require some special care, oily skin people also have to pay a lot of attention.

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Oily skin people are most prone to acne. Apart from this, make-up in such skins is not less than any challenge. Actually, make-up on such skin does not last much longer. In addition, if time to time you don’t wash face from clean water, then your skin appears dull. There are so many products in the market that claim that their use can clean the oil from skin.Image result for multani mitti

But there are many types of chemicals present in these products, which loses the natural softness of the skin. It is better to adopt domestic products instead of using these market-rich products. There is no harm to the skin and the problem of oily skin is also removed.Related image

Method of making face pack:

Take multani mitti and sandalwood powder in equal amounts. If you want you can add turmeric also. In fact, anti-bacterial properties are found in turmeric. It is beneficial in the problems like acne. Prepare a paste by adding three to four spoons of milk in all three things. Put this paste on the face and dry it for some time. Then wash face with light hands with little hot water.Image result for multani mitti and sandalwood powder facepack

Why is it beneficial?

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Multani mitti works to absorb excess oil from the face. The sandalwood works to give coolness and maintains the essential moisture on the skin. The turmeric present in the pack works to protect against bacterial infection. The milk contained in it is helpful in bringing glow on our skin.Related image