Want to get rid of cold and cough?


Summer season has ended and cold weather is approaching due to which people face problem of cold and cough. According to experts, vitamin D is needed to avoid cold. Therefore, lemon is a great option to cure cold and cough. Lemon is an effective Ayurvedic medicine. Apart from eating, it is also used as medicine.

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Check out some benefits of lemon here:

– Arthritis disease increases in cold weather. Lemon works better during this time.

– Gas, constipation, loss of appetite and skin related problems increase in the cold weather. Consuming lemon in great amount helps to provide relief from all these diseases.

Related image– Lemon involves great amount of vitamins that helps to provide relief from muscle pain.

– The use of lemon helps relieve breathlessness.

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– ┬áDuring cold weather, the problem increases in tooth and gum. Use lemon to provide relief from it.