Want to explore rainbow like houses? This place is a must visit!


The Pelangi town of Kampung in Indonesia is a must visit for all the travellers. It comprises of houses like a rainbow, includes multi hued paths and colorful ways

Here are the details of this town :

Situated in South Semarang, in Java, Kampung Pelangi was once just a denied, chaotic, ghetto locale, including more than 200 low-pay families. Yet, that was before the occupants were given painting pots and made a request to get the opportunity to work.

Slamet Widodo, a nearby director, turned into the venture initiator for transforming the town into the pleasant painting that it is today. Widodo unequivocally trusts this new activity will achieve an adjustment in the lives of the occupants by making a feeling of having a place, while advancing monetary strengthening through tourism occupations.

This blast of hues was clearly conceivable after the neighborhood chamber council alloted Indonesian Rupiah 300,000,000 (Rs 14,46,401.16) to the venture. It took almost a month to repaint the whole town, after which the re-displayed group was opened to all in mid-April.

The town is not only an arbitrary combination of brilliant tones. Wherever you look, you will experience awesome bits of workmanship. Themes incorporate hallucinogenic examples, human-sized blessed messenger wings and even dinosaurs.

Today, the Rainbow Village of Indonesia is increasing enormous consideration via web-based networking media, while motivating visitors over the world to visit the goal.

With vacationers rushing to the district, villagers now guarantee that the group is kept clean. Garbage containers have been set in each corner.