Wanna visit Harry Potter’s childhood home in London?


For the first time, visitors to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London will be able to enter the Dursleys’ home at 4 Privet Drive, where Harry Potter grew up alongside his aunt, uncle and cousin Dudley.

Previously, visitors were only able to pose outside the family home of the Harry Potter film set. But beginning May 27 for a limited time, the doors to the Dursley family home will open, offering an inside look at the family’s quirks and eccentricities.

Visitors will behold little details like Dudley’s school certificates “for always eating up his lunch,” decorative ceramics, family portraits as well as the pretentious outfits worn by Mr. and Mrs. Dursley.

The salon will also feature the letters used in the film in an art installation meant to recreate the scene in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” when Hogwarts sends hundreds of letters shooting through the fireplace and the letter box.

The letters will be suspended in air to freeze-frame the moment.

Privet Drive opens at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London — The Making of Harry Potter May 27 and runs until June 6.