Wagah border crossing open for Afghan traders: Pakistan


Lahore: Pakistan has not stopped Afghan traders from moving products to India through the Wagah border, a top Pakistani official said after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani warned Pakistan to open the land border or lose transit route to Central Asia.

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Reacting to his statement, Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakaria told media that under an agreement with Afghanistan, India cannot send its goods to Afghanistan through Pakistan but Afghanistan can sell goods to India via Pakistan. 

"Pakistan is fulfilling its commitment to the Afghan people by providing them a trade transit facility," he told to reporters Urdu yesterday. Ghani reportedly told UK's special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Owen Jenkins, in Kabul on Friday that if Pakistan did not allow Afghan traders to sell goods in India through Wagah, then his country would not allow Pakistanis to use transit facility for Central Asia. Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been volatile due to allegations by both sides of cross border militancy.

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