Vrindavan : The City of Temples


Vrindavan is a Historic, Religious village which is also known as land of Radha Rani. The village isn’t just religious but, interesting in its own way the temples of this place depicts fascinating and religious story of Lord Krishna. The city has more than 5,000 temples which are known for its architectural carvings and religious beliefs. The sibling town of Vrindavan is Mathura.  This peaceful city is lying on the banks of Yamuna River.

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Banke Bihari Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna in 3 places. The sculpture of Krishna also known as Thakur ji is in black color. Plus, it is one of the most crowded temples and majorly witnessed by the tourists and devotees just to experience the spiritual and celebratory vibe.

Sri Madan Mohana Temple: This temple is located near Kali Ghat, banks of Yamuna River. The forest of this village was converted into beautiful, carved temple by Ram Das Kapur at the request of Sanatna Goswami. This temple is a rebuild version of the original one, as it was destroyed by Mughal Emperor of Aurangzeb. People even say, in order to complete Govardhan Yatra its mandatory to witness Govind Dev Ji temple and Madan Mohana Temple.

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Prem Mandir: This Temple is also known as “the temples of god’s love”. This temple id dedicated to Radha Krishna and Sita Ram. This temple is worth visiting one can witness the scenic beauty, beautiful lights at the time of evening and to experience spiritual vibes of course! The lights of the temple keeps on changing plus, the sculptures of God and Goddesses are moving and looks alive.