Volkswagen Issued Ban On Purchase Of Indian Mica


Volkswagen has issued a transitory ban on the buy of mica from some of its suppliers in India. An organization official said the choice was made in the wake of a Media examination that investigation child workers were dying in illegal, unregulated mines. A three-month investigation in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh found that at least seven children had been killed since June while mining for mica, the mineral that puts glimmer in car paint.

India is among the biggest makers of mica, a silver-shaded, crystalline mineral, on the planet. Work rights campaigners induce that about 70 for every penny of the nation's mica is created in unlawful mines falling into deterioration.

Leslie Bothge, a VW representative, clarified the examination, alongside an investigation of the business by human rights bunch Terre des Hommes, incited the German automaker to open examinations concerning its suppliers in India. She went ahead to include that Volkswagen and its level one, or direct, paint suppliers in India have acquainted extra due industriousness measures with guarantee the mica they buy is sourced from lawful mines where tyke work is not utilized.

In an e-mail in response to questions posed by Reuters, Bothge said, "Additional efforts were also undertaken at the second tier level. This has led to the temporary suspension of purchases on some supply chains until the due diligence is completed and respective measures have been put in place."

The automaker's paint suppliers are are also pursuing the idea of an "industry and multi-stakeholder platform" to not only deal with the current issue at hand but also to seek solutions to prevent child labour in the mica supply chain.